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Looking for somebody to care of your Linux servers? Need to transfer hosting users to a new server? Want to get system software upgraded and tweaked? Don't waste hours and lose business due to downtime and recurring server issues, contact us today to get the best deal on Linux servers support.

Our Services

Linux Hourly Support and Emergency Services

You get our server support only when you really require it. You are free to pay as many hours as you need for your project. Contact us today for more detailed proposal and hours estimate, and to get our system administrators to work on your server(s) on hourly bases.

  • Linux Server Administration Upon Request

  • For regular requests, processed during business hours only.
  • No limits on number of servers. No limits on number of tickets.
  • Flexible timing, we do not round time usage.
  • Statements on hour usage are available in Client Area.
  • 1 hour is a minimal order. Pay 3 and more hours with a discount.
$35 USD / 1hour
  • Higher Priority Support

  • For urgent requests and emergency cases during business hours only.
  • 1 hour of priority server administration time included.
  • Timing starts from the moment when administrator connects to the server
  • 7 days valid warranty support after your issue is fixed.
  • Unlimited incidents. Unlimited servers (virtual or dedicated)
  • Timer can not be paused when delaing with urgent requests
$50 USD / 1hour
  • Emergency Server Support

  • For urgent requests and emergency cases. Support available 24/7/365.
  • 2 hours of priority support from the time when admin connects to the server.
  • 7 days valid warranty support after your issue is fixed.
  • Limited to 1 incident. Limited to 1 server: virtual or dedicated.
  • Timer can not be paused when delaing with urgent requests
$105 USD / 1 incident

Excellent Option

If you are not looking for a monthly subscription and manage your Linux servers by yourself. If you face various issues from time to time and need a skilled expert to help to fix it. If you have more than one server for troubleshooting, installing new software, or general server management, you're in the right place, our talented administrators will be happy to assist you.

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Support hours for non Urgent requests: 9:00-19:00, Monday through Saturday. Servers under monthly subscriptions are monitored daily: 24/7/365.
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